How to set up your home after moving house!

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Tiffany’s Top Tips - How to For An Easy Unpack!Moving home is one of the times in your life where you need to honestly get organised – especially if that’s not your natural state! My home usually looks organised but if you look in the cupboards you may occasionally see a different story, but I suspect I’m not the only one!


Essential Boxes 


One of the best places to start is to get everyone in the household to pack their Essential Box that can be taken straight to the new home. Make sure you include all you need to survive for a night or two without anything much else, i.e. toiletries, any medicines, towel, electronics & chargers. Then pack one Essentials Box for the survival of the whole family. Think toilet paper, dishcloth & towel, some snacks, one set of cutlery & china for everyone – and if you’re anything like my parents a kettle, tea leaves & a teapot are ‘essentials’. In fact, it’s usually the first thing they do when arriving at their new home (they are British, so this may explain it).
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Get Your Leaders Hat On


Unpacking takes time; and there is no denying that, so if there is any way you can take some time off work or get a babysitter for the children, then definitely do that. – If taking time out is not a possibility then how about setting a schedule to make sure there is a small amount of time set aside each day to do something towards dismantling the mountain of boxes.


Better news if you have others living with you, set everyone a task each day to empty three boxes a night or something similar. It has to be doable, or everyone will just end up getting fed up and possibly doing nothing at all! Depending on how defiant they are of course!


Which Room First?
It is an interesting question because it will, of course, this will depend on your circumstances. But I suggest trying to do one room at a time starting with the kitchen as this is used by everyone so regularly and usually if there’s food most people are happy! If you can organise so one person does the kitchen, and all the other troops go off and make sure everyone’s beds are built, then you will have already completed some of the significant to-do items! Furniture building is not especially fun, but if you’re fortunate, some removal firms do this for you (my one does which is why I’ve stuck with them for so many years!). 
Next, I would especially suggest getting the bedrooms unpacked if you have children that need their little things organised before heading to school. Get the clothes hung and in drawers. Plus you will likely be heading back to work too, and there’s nothing worse than heading off for a big day that started disorganised and frustrating! You may find you’re under a bit of pressure from individual members of your household to get the television area fixed up fairly quickly, so they don’t miss the latest episode of The Bachelor. I say this – if they are prepared to put in the hard labour to get the TV room all set up, them to let them get their Bachie buzz on. It will surely be worth it at the end of a long day unpacking when everyone’s happy!


Happy unpacking!


Tiffany x


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