How to easily and safely pack your Storage unit.

To help you along the way to get the best most perfectly packed storage pod here are the 10 tips or lessons to packing a Super Easy Storage unit:

  1. Make sure everything that goes into your storage unit is packed into boxes - Items that are loose will take extra time to load and will not always be snug!
  2. Seal and label all of your boxes. Pack like they’re going to tumble down your street after the storage units are locked. Be sure to note fragile boxes and boxes that have a specific end that needs to remain up.
  3. Match the size of the box to the weight of the material. For example use the smaller boxes for heavy things like books and crockery, and the larger boxes for bed linen and cushions.
  4. As the storage units are designed with no indentations on the internal walls, it makes it super easy to lean up all your flat items like pictures and mirrors flush against the wall.
  5. Think about the weight distribution of your items while you’re packing the storage unit and try to keep the weight evenly distributed from end to end and from side to side. If you place a heavy refrigerator in the far left corner of the storage container, place something of similar weight, like a couch, in the far right corner to help keep everything balanced.
  6. Use mattresses and any flat packed items to line the walls.
  7. Start with heavier items first these include the refrigerator, washer, dryer, couches
  8. Turn the sofa on its end; the units are perfectly designed with enough height.
  9. With your boxes the heavy ones on the bottom and lighter boxes to the top.
  10. Think like a puzzle Jenga master - make every space count - use the inside of things like cabinets and dressers to maximise every tiny nook.

Here is a super helpful ebook for a stress free move that you can download - with even more hints and tips!


Most importantly Start early,  rope in your able bodied friends and provide lots of water and drinks, and wear a smile :) 

If you would like to see the how our full mobile self storage system work check it out HERE