Moving House

Meet Tiffany Jade Benn - Tiffany is joining our team of experts as our Moving House Extraordinaire.  She is a true nomad having set up over 20 homes in multiple countries and postcodes, you find the best moving home tips and advice from Tiffany through her blogs and super awesome vidoes!

Moving Home?

Moving yourself and your family can be a stressful time but with a little bit of planning there are many ways you can make this an (almost!) seamless experience!

I have moved over 20 times in as many years (I know, I know there’s a slight chance I’m a commitment phobe!) so I’ve had to become very good at the planning part to keep myself sane.  With this in mind here are my top tips for planning your move and the costs to bear in mind all the while (hopefully) keeping your sanity!

Removals Team

I honestly have a slightly weird love for removals teams. For someone who has moved so many times I really have a great understanding of how much of a difference hiring them makes. They can offer many different levels of services from simply picking up and dropping off to packing and unpacking every single item you own.

I have used every part of their service and my personal preference is somewhere in the middle. I like to pack myself so I can take my time and wheedle out the things (junk) I really need to get rid of but I truly appreciate a team coming into my home on moving day and taking control of all the heavy lifting, van hire and insurance of my breakable items. This is the way I look at it – yes it may cost me some of my hard earned to hire a removals team, but generally my time and back muscle health is way more important to me!

Removals teams are just perfect if you’re very time poor which so many of us are these days!

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Rubbish Removal

Rubbish removal isn’t especially cheap. To get a business to come and take away your unwanted junk so you really need to weigh up the time & costing benefits of filling up your lovely clean car with rubbish, the time it takes you to dump it at the tip and the dollars the tip will charge you. Or the cost of getting a professional to come over, pick it up and leave. This can all depend on how much you value your lovely clean car and also how much you’ve accumulated!

If you are running on a budget my best money saving tip in this instance is to remember most councils offer a rubbish removal service as part of your rates payment so do check that out first, get organised and get rid of all your junk in good time before you have to leave your current residence.

House Clean

To pay someone or to get your hands dirty?

Once again I have tried & tested both ways when it comes to the clean once you’re on your way out of a property. Both suck to a certain degree let’s face it – however if you can afford to get this done on your behalf it will be worth it.  

Especially if you’re moving out of a rental property because no matter how hard you try it is not easy to meet real estate agents standards and they will likely end up charging you for an end of lease clean anyway.  Get the experts in and save yourself time & effort, you won’t regret it!


There may come a time when you are in between properties, renovating or just living somewhere that simply cannot accommodate all your worldly goods. As much as I love a damn good de-clutter, this is not always possible I appreciate – so what are your options?

I love storage and have used it many times. It is the perfect way to take the pain away from parting with your prized possessions. If you can’t bear to give away your 1998 World Cup framed football shirt then fear not the guys at Super Easy Storage have got your back! They will come to your home with their mobile storage unit, you can fill it up or even have them pack it for you. They will then take it away and look after it in their weatherproof storage facility until such time you move to a place where you can be reunited again!

No messin’, no fussin’ – love it!

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