Meet Tiffany - Moving house Extraordinaire

Meet Tiffany Jade Benn - Tiffany is joining our team of experts as our Moving House Extraordinaire.  She is a true nomad having set up over 20 homes in multiple countries and postcodes, you find the best moving home tips and advice from Tiffany through her blogs and super awesome vidoes!

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Founder HART Home Décor

Super Easy Storage Home & Moving Ambassador

Homemaker  // [hohm-mey-ker] noun

I am thoroughly obsessed by that beautiful feeling when you walk into a home and it feels like you want to stay.  My obsession stems from my Mother – she made every single part of our home growing up feel like that and still does to this day.

When I moved into my very first home aged 23 in London my need to make this house a home heightened. As we all know money is tight when you get your first home and I had to get extremely creative with my décor choices, but I wasn’t prepared to compromise on that feeling.

I feel the rather old fashioned definition of homemaker has evolved to now mean a person who loves to make their environment relaxing & welcoming – a space to be enjoyed with family & friends and in the quieter times too.

Helping people create this for themselves has become my other obsession – whilst supporting our local, small & emerging Australian designers. This feels like a wonderful circle of creative loveliness to me!

 Love Tiffany x


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